Texas Real Estate License Course

Welcome and thank you for visiting Real Estate License Direct! Everyone interested in obtaining a Texas real estate license must meet and complete a series of requirements which have been set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission. These requirements are designed to ensure that all licensed agents in the State of Texas are responsible, trustworthy adults with the education needed to perform their job. The online courses that are offered below will satisfy the educational requirements and get you well on your way towards getting licensed!

3 Quick Tips for Choosing a Course Package

  • The 180 hour Texas Pre License course includes a 60hr Principles of Real Estate course, 30hr Law of Agency course, 30hr Law of Contracts course, 30hr Real Estate Finance course and the 30hr Promulgated Contract Forms course.

  • The Silver Package is our most popular course offering for two awesome reasons: a money back guarantee and the Texas Exam Prep Master course. We have highlighted it below for you take a look!

  • Be sure to choose a course package that best fits within your available budget. Keep in mind that in addition to course costs, you will also have licensing, application and examination fees that need to be paid before your license will be issued.

  • 180hr Texas Pre License Course
  • Real Estate Math Handbook
  • Principles of Real Estate E-book
  • Exam Prep Master Course
  • Licensed to Soar Career E-book
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Customizable Real Estate Website
  • Quick Start Guide for New Agents
  • Property Listing Website

Additional Information for Texas Real Estate License Applicants

If you would like to learn more about the Texas real estate license requirements, both basic and educational, we encourage to read through our Texas licensing requirements page. We have tried to provide you with the most information possible to ease the process of changing careers and really breaking into the real estate field. The educational portion of the licensing requirements can be completed by simply enrolling in one of the courses listed above. The State of Texas currently requires applicants to complete 180 hours of training from an approved and accredited training provider.

In addition to completing the course requirements, applicants will also need to pass the two part Texas real estate license exam. As far as difficulty is concerned, some people fly right through the examination and others have some trouble with it. Failing the exam will require a retake which you will need to pay for. With that being said, if you are concerned about passing the exam, some of the courses above include the Texas Exam Prep Master course and this course can be purchased by itself as well. This is by no means a mandatory course, however, we tend to see a much higher success rate among students that have taking this program.

About the Required Courses

Please note, effective as of September 1, 2012, the TREC made a change from 210 total classroom hours to 180 total classroom hours of education. All applicants must complete the 180 hours of real estate training in its entirety before filing an application. The current course breakdown is as follows:

  • 60 hours of Real Estate Principles
  • 30 hours of Law of Agency
  • 30 hours of Promulgated Contract Forms
  • 30 hours of Real Estate Finance

Applicants may no longer use related course credits to meet the education requirements. In addition to the core pre-license training, each licensee will also be required to complete an additional 90 classroom hours of courses within the first two years of being issued their license. The initial Texas real estate license will be issued for a two year period, so these courses will need to be complete within the renewal period, if you would like to renew your license.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side! Here is to an exciting new career!

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