Florida Real Estate License Course

Are you thinking about making a career change and possibly getting your Florida real estate license? Selling real estate is a great career and it can be a lot of fun. But it can also be a lot of hard work and we always try to make it clear to our students that you are going to have to work at it, if you want to succeed. As much as we would love to say that you can sit back and wait for the clients and money to roll in, that is simply not the case. This is a business and must be treated as such if you want to become successful. So if you think you have what it takes to become a real estate superstar, we encourage you to enroll in one of our courses, there are several packages available below!

A Bit of Advice Before You Enroll:
  • Are you interested in a Florida Brokers license? If not, choose either the standard or silver packages to save yourself a ton of money on education expenses!
  • If your palms get sweaty and fear courses through your veins at the thought of taking a real estate exam, you might want to consider choosing a course package that includes the Exam Prep Master course. These courses are very good at helping you reach exam success!
  • All new licensees must complete the 45 hour post license course before their first renewal date. If you would like to avoid the hassle and get this requirement out of the way, you may consider purchasing one of the packages that has this course included.
  • While working towards getting a real estate license, we encourage you to read through the state licensing requirements to make sure that you have everything in order before moving on. Doing so can prevent a lot of delays in the licensing process.

  • 63hr Florida Pre License Course
  • Real Estate Math Handbook
  • Principles of Real Estate E-book
  • Exam Prep Master Course
  • 45hr Florida Post License Course
  • Licensed to Soar Career E-book
  • 72hr Florida Broker Course
  • Customizable Real Estate Website
  • Quick Start Guide for New Agents
  • Property Listing Website
  • STANDARD one time
  • $99
  • SILVER one time
  • $124
  • PLATINUM one time
  • $329
  • SUCCESS one time
  • $379

Learn More About Getting Your Florida Real Estate License

It is important to point out that everyone applying for real estate licensure in Florida, must complete a series of requirements which have been determined by the Florida Real Estate Commission(FREC). These requirements include some basics, such as being 18 years of age and a legal citizen, however, there are also some educational requirements that you will need to meet also. Fortunately, the online real estate courses above are fully accredited and will provide you with everything you need to meet the education portion of the current licensing requirements.

In addition to the credit hours that you must receive, you will also need to pass a two-part exam. The examination is comprised of two portions, one being the state portion and the other being the national portion. Both portions must be passed before you will be eligible for your Florida real estate license. If you are like many of us and have problems with tests, we do offer Florida Exam Prep courses individually, or as part of some of the course packages shown above. These are not necessary, but we do find that there is a higher success rate among students that have taken them, as opposed to those that haven’t.

So How do I Get Started?

Good news! That is the easy part! To get started working towards your license, you simply need to enroll in a pre-license course, complete the course, file an application and pass the real estate exam. While that may sound a bit overwhelming at first, the reality is, it’s actually pretty simple. The courses can be taken online, around your work or families schedules and they are relatively inexpensive when you compare them to the price of lets say, a college tuition. However, if you prefer not to take online courses, that is entirely up to you. You will also have the option of attending one of the many real estate schools, colleges or universities throughout the state.

So, now that you have some information to get you started, the question is not “how do I get a real estate license“, but rather how soon can I start! Thank you very much for considering us when it comes to your education and we look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future!