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Are you looking for real estate jobs in Alabama? The natural step for most people to take after getting their Alabama real estate license, is to find a job that allows them to put their newly acquired skills to the test. Although in many cases, finding a job can be easier said than done. So […]

If you have been searching for real estate jobs in Alaska, then you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, the job market in Alaska is limited at times, but there are still career opportunities available for those of you with experience in the real estate industry. Browse Real Estate Jobs in Alaska View More […]

The Founder, Marsha Spencer began her career in education by teaching children with learning disabilities. She also had an interest in real estate. With that said, she obtained her real estate license in the early 70’s. Also in the early 70’s and given her educational background, Marsha transformed a real estate school formally know as […]

Are you looking for a Texas real estate school? Choosing the right school for you can be a daunting task to say the least, but as always, we are here to help. Its important to understand that not all real estate schools are created equal. The Texas Real Estate Commission has a strict set of […]

Wayne and Lynn Morgan, co-owners of the Austin Institute of Real Estate, purchased the real estate school in July 1989. Using their experience and expertise in real estate sales, management and training, they became owners who understood what agents needed to be successful in the business because they personally listed and sold properties, managed a […]