How many of you wake up each day in hopes of not being successful, please raise your hands.  Funny, I’m not seeing any hands raised, yet the greater majority of real estate agents (many of the ones we have worked with in the past) give very little effort towards taking their careers to the next level.  Which leads me to my next question.

How many of you go above and beyond what would be considered a “regular” scope of work, to really propel yourself and your business into that mythical, yet wonderful, real estate walk of fame?  Ahh, now I can see a few hands raised, though not nearly as many as I would like to see.  So lets work on that, shall we?

There are probably a million and one different things that you can do to improve yourself in your career, but what if you had to narrow those things done to the most important five.  Five is an easily manageable number that will allow you to dedicate an ample amount of time towards working on each item.  Below is our list of five things every agent should work on for their success.

5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should be Doing:

1.  Think of yourself as a success -That almost sounds to simple to be true, but its not, simple that is.  Many people naturally find things that they dislike about themselves or their situation and they spend their lives focusing on those.  They are in essence creating a bubble of negativity around themselves which acts as a magnet and draws in even more negativity.  That vicious circle has to stop, and it can be done.   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “To achieve all that is dreamed, one must think of himself as greater than he is.” and I simply couldn’t invent a better way to put it to you.  Once you begin to envision your success, you will become successful.

2.  Have a business plan in place – Don’t tell me that you have never pictured selling real estate as a business!  Becoming a real estate agent is very much like starting a business and you have to treat it as such if you plan to be a success.  I know that the thought of developing a business plan can seem overwhelming, I have done it before, but there are some resources to help make it a little easier.  The Small Business Administration offers some information to help you with your business plan and you may also want to check out this free business plan outline to get you started.

3.  Market yourself to the fullestMarketing your real estate business is crucial if you plan to succeed in this cutthroat industry.  We often find that the number one thing separating an average real estate agent from an extraordinary real estate agent, is exposure!  Whether it is online or offline you have to devote your energy towards marketing your business(see tip #2 above).

4.  Don’t be afraid of trying new ideas – Trying new techniques and ideas can really give you an edge in the real estate industry.  There is a constant stream of new tools, information and resources being handed to real estate agents, you just have to be willing to try them.  It is true, that sometimes while trying new things you can shoot yourself in the foot so to speak, but on the other hand, that new idea could revolutionize the way that you sell homes and increase your income ten fold, so is it worth a shot?

5.  Be yourself – I know this landed at the bottom of the list, but it may be the single most important piece of advice you will ever here.  I am not sure why, but many agents feel that they need to put on a persona in order to sell houses, don’t do it.  Chances are that your clients can tell when you are putting on a show, and as soon as they realize it, they are out the door.  Be yourself, be sincere and genuinely try to help people, your business will thank you.

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